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©Gyropod ride in the Audomarois marshes in Clairmarais|Jessy Hochart - Tourisme en Pays de Saint-Omer

Mobilboard Gyropods

At the Maison du Marais

The Audomarois marshes are mainly visited by boat. However, the segway or “gyropode” allows you to glimpse its contours, combining sensation and nature.

With Mobilboard Gyropods

The conservatory garden

“I’d been on a segway before, but never in the Audomarois marshes. This unique place is the perfect setting for this tour.” Because yes, this is a guided tour.

“Our host Franck from Mobilboard Saint-Omer welcomes us to the forecourt of the Maison du Marais. After an introduction to the (very easy) use of the machine, we mount the machines and enter the marsh through the pretty landscaped park of the Maison du Marais.”

Franck first explains the concept of the new conservatory vegetable garden: 1500 square meters of home-grown vegetable varieties: summer cauliflower, Tilques carrot or Leblond leek.

With Mobilboard Gyropods

The marsh reveals itself

We also catch a glimpse of the Moulin de l’Aile, the last vestige of the draining mills of the Audomarois marshes, or the sheep in the park enabling eco-grazing. The marsh is revealed and criss-crossed by pretty bridges and landscaped paths. It’s a pleasant drive to the new riverside square.

A second route even links up with the Lansbergue for a boat ride back. We finish the tour by returning to the Maison du Marais, where a glass of Kombucha, a local natural tea-based soft drink, awaits us.

“We needed this to conclude this great activity.” All other segway ride ideas on / agence Saint-Omer