CFTVA Train © P.Hudelle, Balades en AudomaroisCFTVA Train © P.Hudelle, Balades en Audomarois
©Steam locomotive of the Chemin de Fer Touristique de la Vallée de l'Aa|P.Hudelle, Balades en Audomarois
Fontinettes Boat Lift 2021 Arques (1)Boat elevator at Les Fontinettes in Arques
©Boat elevator at Les Fontinettes in Arques|Tourisme en Pays de Saint-Omer
Exterior view Helfaut cupola (1)La Coupole d'Helfaut is a history center and 3D planetarium in a former World War II bunker, which had a project to launch V2 rockets on London. Today, its galleries and concrete dome house a museum to pass on to future generations.
©Exterior view of the dome of the Helfaut dome|La Coupole
Arc International Cristallerie Four Verre Usine (24)Arc is a French multinational company specialized in the design and manufacture of glassware for the table.
©Worker checking a glass at Arc International|Arc International
Planetarium Helfaut (4)The Planetarium of Helfaut-Wizernes is located in the Center of Memory and Science at La Coupole of Helfaut-Wizernes
©Spectators at the Planetarium of Helfaut|La Coupole
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The Bader base

Once upon a time … A paper-making valley shaped by water, where know-how unique in the world developed. Along the railway line, on which a train from another era can sometimes be seen, the traces of this rich industrial past remain visible: mills, hydraulic works…

This beautiful history continues to be written today with the activity of the Arc glassworks-crystalworks, world leader in tableware, the development of the Goudale brewery or the second life of the Fontinettes boat elevator.

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