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Weekend ideas

With the Omerveilleux Pass

I tested a weekend with an Omerveilleux Pass

If you want to spend an unforgettable weekend in Saint-Omer, do what I did! Grab an Omerveilleux Pass. This card, which offers a range of free activities for 24h, 48h, or 72h, is a real sesame for saving money and optimizing your discoveries. The proof!”

This weekend of total disconnection at two Saint-Omer, I wanted to make the most of it. So when the principle of the Omerveilleux Pass was explained to me at the Tourist Office, I didn’t hesitate for long. For two and for 48 hours, it cost me €70. And you’ll see how easy it is and how much it can pay off, in memories and savings!

Saturday tours

At the Tourist Office, we immediately snapped up a few souvenirs (postcards, mugs etc.) Because we’d been wanting to take a 2CV road trip for a long time, we headed straight to les Belles Échappées in Clairmarais to rent our weekend coach.

We took the opportunity to buy the neighbor’s beers, at the store of la Brasserie de l’Abbaye de Clairmarais. After a few giggles and untimely stalls, here we are at Les Faiseurs de bateaux. For a long time, we’d wanted to meet these craftsmen, the only ones to make the marsh’s escutes and bacôves. All this made us hungry so we hit the road again, heading for Saint-Omer. At the restaurant L’Industrie, the PASS allowed us to enjoy a complimentary aperitif. Finally for the afternoon, we were in the mood for a big cultural bath.

First the Sandelin museum to take advantage of the new itineraries, a little sweet break at the Le Passage Merveilleux tea room and then on to discover the Palais de la cathédrale. We liked this place so much that we stayed overnight in Jean-Luc Montois’s magnificent chambre d’hôtes…

Sunday tours

After a night at the foot of the cathedral, we took our “deudeuche” back to le Golf de l’Aa. The weekend was ideal for testing out a green and (finally) taking the time for an introductory session. To celebrate our successes on this practice range, the homemade aperitif offered at the Ristandèl followed by a good meal was just perfect.

To make the most of the few hours we had left in Saint-Omer, we followed the Office de Tourisme guided tour, 1h30 along all the treasures of the historic center (the Notre-Dame cathedral, the Motte Castrale prison, the Chapelle des Jésuites… ) One last adventure? We’ve fallen for the Escape Game! Les Enigmes de Vissery gave us a hard time, but shhh. It’s up to you to find out…

The weekend in review

58 € in total savings. Not bad, eh? Walks in the marsh, guided heritage tours, museums, electric bike hire, rando-rail, mobilboard, restaurant offers: some thirty partners are offering benefits. It would be a real shame to miss out…

Savings for 2 people in 48 hours

Souvenir gifts : -5 € discount (10% for 50 € purchases)

Belles Echappées : -15 €

Brasserie de l’Abbaye de Clairmarais : -5 € discount (10% for 50 € purchases)

Les Faiseurs de Bateaux : – 11 €

Restaurant L’Industrie: 2 aperitifs offered

The Musée Sandelin : – 11 €

The Salon de thé le Passage Merveilleux : – 3 € (10% on 30 € purchases)

The Palais de la Cathédrale (visit) : – 16 €

The Golf de l’Aa : -30%. On a 1-hour introductory session (€100) = €30

Le Ristandèl : 2 aperitifs offered

The guided tour of Saint-Omer : – €11

L’Escape Game Les Énigmes de Vissery : – €21( on two entries at €35/pers)


€128 for a €70 PASS

(€58 savings)