House of Archaeology Museum Thérouanne (1)The House of Archaeology of Thérouanne: 2000 years of history, a century of archaeology.
©Guided tour of the House of Archaeology of Thérouanne|AUD Saint-Omer
Amusement Park Ride 2019 Dennebroeucq Dennlys ParcAmusement Park Manège Dennebroeucq
©Dennlys Amusement Park in Dennebroeucq|Dennlys Parc
Hiking Path Champs BivouacThérouanne is a rural village but has been the heir of a long history and can be proud of being the mother of the Saint-Omer area. It is a high place of archaeology but also a ground favourable to the excursion. THE MORINS
©Hike in the fields of the Thérouanne region|Eden 62
Côteaux 2010 Acquin-WestbécourtCôteaux 2010 Acquin-Westbécourt
©View on the hills of Acquin-Westbécourt|Photo Carl - Tourisme en Pays de Saint-Omer
Landscape 2010 Fauquembergues (4)The Aa takes its source and crosses several communes until the Audomarois marshes. Here, the landscape of Fauquembergues.
©The Aa crossing the bocage of Fauquembergues|Photo Carl - Tourisme en Pays de Saint-Omer
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Thérouanne and Fauquembergues

Monsigny's interlude

Once upon a time… an authentic countryside, with hidden treasures and a rich history…A place appreciated centuries ago by the bishops who settled here to evangelize the whole region. Archaeologists have discovered traces of an exceptional past…

Today, people still cross this territory to reflect and reflect, along the Via Francigena. We return to the origins of our history by discovering a simple and authentic terroir. We relax and enjoy ourselves, forgetting the stress and worries of everyday life.

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