Café De France Bar 2019 Saint Omer (1)Bar Café de France, institution in Saint-Omer
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Saint Omer by Night

Land of beer par excellence with the Goudale brewery and the legendary conviviality of the people of the North, the Saint-Omer region is full of small bars where you can spend unforgettable evenings.

Since the 19th century

The Café de France, place Victor Hugo in Saint-Omer, is a real institution. It was already open in the 19th century…

A long time ago, it hosted the French national billiards championships. On the oldest photos, which date from 1908, we see all the fine flower of Saint-Omer in three-piece suits: doctors, lawyers, court scribes … It must be said that the cafe has always been ideally located, on a small square in the city center, at the exit of the courthouse.

A new chapter has been written since 2011 with Maxime: the young man has taken over the establishment to share his passion for the small foam.

Café de France

“When you grow up in the Audomarois and you go around the bars to taste the beers, you inevitably want to sell some.”

Maxime is an authentic zythologist*. He regularly unearths beers, as long as they are good! Every month, he offers customers his latest finds, unearthed in France and Belgium, but also in the United States, Poland, Italy or even England. He will serve you a rainbow of colors with blondes, brunettes, redheads, amber…

On some Saturdays, with “Les amis de la petite mousse”, Maxime marries cheese and beverage. On the menu: an assortment of cheeses from a cheese ripener (or crémier affineur) in the Hauts-de-France and a selection of four 16 cl galopins specially selected for the four cheeses that await you.

And when it’s not “Les amis de la petites mousse” it’s “Bring your baguette, we’ll take care of the rest”. Upon presentation of your baguette – yes, a real baguette – the Café de France offers you a plate of cheese or charcuterie when you order your drinks.

As for entertainment, the Café de France is not left out. “Radio Bingo”, counter games, sports broadcasts on the big screen… Good-natured evenings to consume without moderation.


Zythology* : Beerology or zythology (a word composed of the Greek words zythos (beer) and logos (study, discourse)) is the discipline devoted to the study of beer, brewing, and breweries, both historically, technically, and in terms of taste.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health, consume in moderation.