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La Chev'riotte

Cheese dairy in Reclinghem

In 2020, Sandrine Martel embarked on a new adventure: opening a goat farm. The farm now boasts over 50 animals and produces not only cheeses, but also yoghurts, ice creams and soaps.

A special family moment

Don’t miss this goat farm, with its relaxing atmosphere, in the pretty rural village of Reclinghem. As well as offering its products, you can discover the goats in their enclosure or in their meadow next door. Samy, Suzi or Salomé welcome you on Wednesdays and Saturdays to spend a pleasant moment with family or friends.

Sandrine’s expertise makes this goat farm a unique place. She offers a wide variety of fresh goat’s milk cheeses with her herbs (tomato, rose petals, shallots, etc.), delicious logs, creamy yogurts, refreshing ice creams and invigorating goat’s milk soaps. A particular favorite: the “Italian” cheese, a real delight!

La Chev’riotte also offers events, birthday parties for children, “animal care and feeding” or group tasting workshops on “local wine and cheese”.

Become a sponsor

Finally, to associate yourself with the Chev’riotte’s highly ecological and caring approach, become godmother or godfather to one of the goat farm’s residents.

You’ll be doing a good deed and giving a little helping hand by supporting a project that develops a link with nature and agriculture. In return, you’ll receive a discount card on products, vyou’ll be able to take part in a morning of “milking and caring for the herd” and an invitation to taste farm products in summer, plus a few other benefits.


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