VTT Pays De LumbresVTT Pays De Lumbres
©Mountain bike ride in the heart of nature in the Pays de Lumbres|Jean-Luc Armand

The Lumbres mountain bike base

A life-size mountain bike ride!

Head for the Lumbres trail station! 20 km from Saint-Omer, I’ve been told that the Lumbres region is one of the best spots in the Hauts-de-France (and even France!) to challenge yourself in the great outdoors. I tested a mountain bike circuit in the heart of extraordinary undulating landscapes.

The best trail spot north of Paris

I park in front of the former Lumbres train station, now transformed into a trail station, tourist office and escape game.

I didn’t bring my mountain bike, but there are a few for hire here and all the equipment you need to indulge in the joys of the sport without taking it too far.I can also carry out repairs if necessary, re-inflate my tires, clean my bike, leave my belongings in a safe place and shower! Top!”

Practical info: the changing rooms are only accessible when the tourist office is open.

900 km of circuits

Unbelievable! Just 1 hour from Lille and 30 minutes from the Opal Coast,900 km of circuits are available for me to discover the Pays de Lumbres by mountain bike, trail, hiking, Nordic walking or horseback riding.

I’m amazed to learn thatthe Lumbres resort, created by the Communauté de Communes du Pays de Lumbres, is the first trail resort north of Paris. Starting from this mountain bike base, I can choose from 13 mountain bike circuits ranging from 11 to 74 km (that’s 450 km!) to experience thrills on two wheels.

Sandrine, customized coach

With Sandrine Limascon, you’re in good hands!This sports coach from the Communauté de Communes du Pays de Lumbres knows the trails like the back of her hand and will advise and motivate you to excel and have fun.

All year round, this nature and trail lover organizes sporting and cultural activities with the CCPL team. Mountain bike outings, Nordic walking coaching, equestrian rallies, rando-sophro, rando-yoga, treasure hunts, there’s something for everyone and the whole family.

The Val de Lumbres circuit

Let’s go for the N°20 circuit, “Le Val de Lumbres”, 11 km and “a family ride, with small hills”, Sandrine confirms to me. Rather sporty, I opt for a mountain bike without electric assistance. With puncture kit, helmet, water bottle and telephone, I’m all set! Very quickly, once past Lumbres, we find ourselves already in the middle of the countryside on a gravel road.

What a change of scenery! That’s it, first climb and a magical panorama over Lumbres. I’m beginning to wonder if I shouldn’t have opted for electric assistance! But after the effort, the comfort and beautiful descents to enjoy.

Extraordinary landscapes

Fields of rapeseed and small woods lead us quietly towards the commune of Le Val. Along the way, I come across some pheasants, in the distance a doe… nature is beautiful, peaceful, preserved in the heart of this National Nature Reserve of the caves and lawns of Acquin-Westbécourt. This is the Golf de l’Aa and its verdant greens. I’ll be back to try out these courses!

And it’s already time to return… The silhouette of the cement works in the distance shows us the road. I hear there are plenty of new soft mobility routes here and lots of other circuits to try out… I’ll be back!!

What I liked

The beauty of the landscape

Lighting quality

The feeling of freedom and the challenging gradients