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Let yourself be carried away!

Boating in the Audomarois marshes

Coming to Saint-Omer without taking a boat trip is a bit like visiting Paris without climbing the Eiffel Tower! A must, a visit to the Audomarois marshlands on the water is available in many ways: self-guided, guided, group, gourmet, sporting or heritage experiences. The pleasure of discovery is yours, à la carte!

La Maison du Marais

The incredible ride

Ready for an adventure worthy of “20,000 leagues under the sea”? In the heart of Saint-Omer, you’re about to embark on a fun-filled discovery at the Maison du Marais. An extraordinary Sous-Marais and his crew are waiting to help you discover the fauna, flora, history and local traditions of the Audomarois marshes. After this wild adventure in an astonishing scenographic space, it’s time to take a dip in nature! Once you’ve risen from the depths, you’ll embark with a guide who will show you all the secrets of this incredible natural setting for an hour of total disconnection.

What do we like here? The diverse exhibitions, the Bols du Marais for refreshments and always something new to discover.

Ô Marais by Isnor

Themed walks

At Clairmarais, Ô Marais by Isnor is the hub for boat trips in the Audomarois marshes. Here, it’s impossible to leave without finding a boat trip to suit your taste. We welcome you with open arms to offer you a crazy array of themed cruises. You can hire boats and canoes for guided or self-guided tours, or discover the marsh in a more unusual way: at dusk, on a gourmet cruise, a storytelling tour or an adventure trail: something to satisfy everyone’s desires!

What do we like here? The diversity of the walks on offer, the opportunity to feast on the spot at the estaminet La Baguernette, to sleep by the water in the gîtes and the events in season (market on the water, theater, concerts, etc.

Au Bon Accueil

The friendly stroll

At Salperwick, in the heart of the Audomarois marshes, the estaminet-brasserie “Au Bon Accueil” is the gourmet starting point for boat trips. Here, you’ll meet a true child of the marsh. Olivier Picquendar, son and grandson of boatmen, learned to drive a boat like others learn to ride a bike. After (or before) a good meal, you can choose between a guided tour on a tour boat, or rent a rowing boat or canoe and sail at your own pace.

What do we like here? The conviviality and simplicity of a timeless place, and the terrace with its feet in the water!

Les Faiseurs de Bateaux

The authentic ride

They are boat builders and dream makers. In the heart of the Saint-Omer suburbs, Rémy and Vincent Colin are heirs to a unique know-how: the manufacture of escutes and bacôves, the traditional boats long used by market gardeners. These extraordinary boats will take you on a tour of the marshes. Join these marsh-born enthusiasts on a guided tour of the marsh’s suburbs and polders. You can also hire a rowing boat, motorboat or canoe and set off on an adventure.

What do we like here? A visit to the shipyard, which has been awarded the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” label, the smell of fresh wood and the passion of these craftsmen.

L'Audobarquoise and Brouckailler

Shared walks

At Saint-Martin-lez-Tatinghem, Christian Lauwerière of l’Audobarquoise is yet another child of the marsh who has chosen to share his passion with you, in a friendly and personalized way. Here, we share a good time, in boats of 8 people maximum! Born on the spot, he knows all there is to know about the marsh and, above all, he welcomes you all year round, 7 days a week.

Finally, in Nieurlet, Pascale and Martine Grave have been offering trips on the boat “Le Brouckaillier” for 25 years. This 45-person boat sails for one more year before retiring to help you discover the wild and inhabited marshes. New this year, special semi-nocturnal outings are planned to enjoy the marsh at dusk. And if you don’t feel like leaving, you can sleep on the water in unusual accommodations!

Free rides

To discover the marsh independently and safely, the Saint-Omer Tourist Office offers you a nautical map where you’ll find all the waterways and signs for safe navigation. Price: €4.

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