View of the village of Acquin-Westbécourt (4)Acquin-Westbécourt is a village in the Pays de Lumbres known for its walks and hikes but also for hosting a site of great ecological interest: the National Nature Reserve of the Cave and Grasslands of Acquin-Westbécourt. THE NORTH
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Rendez-vous in unknown heritage

Ideas for walks in the Pays de Lumbres

The Comité d’Histoire du Haut-Pays has created a heritage signage trail – on foot, bicycle or horseback – for the commune of Acquin-Westbécourt, “Rendez-vous en patrimoine inconnu”. This consists of 13 panels set up around the village, including 1 starting panel. Installation began in May, with students from the Lycée Bernard Chochoy in Lumbres working on the wooden desks.

25 min / 1.6 km

The heart of Acquin


From the start sign, proceed to the bus shelter.


Continue along the main road to the village entrance.


Cross at the crosswalk opposite, then take the small path on the right.


Walk to the end of the grassy path, then turn right into the cul-de-sac towards the presbytery.


Go up to turn right, rue du château.


Continue down the street, turn left and walk part of the way along the main street.


Go up rue du tilleul to the intersection with rue de la marie.


Proceed to the town hall.


Continue to the end of rue de la mairie. Stop at the junction with rue de la gare.


Turn right into rue de la gare.


Continue to the junction with the main street, turn right and follow rue du tilleul. At the bridge, take Rue de la Brasserie: proceed to the one-storey brick building.


Continue to the end of the street to find a small footbridge: cross it to return to the starting point.

(45 min / 4 km)

The Tilleul circuit


Follow the "Le cœur d'Acquin" route to signpost 7: continue up rue du tilleul to rue du bois, where you must turn.


Drive to the end of Rue du Bois, then turn right up the path.


At the first right, turn onto an asphalt road. This leads to rue du tilleul: turn right and follow it down to the first street on the left (rue du bois).


Go down Rue du Bois to its intersection with Rue de la Mairie: walk to the school.


Follow the "Le cœur d'Acquin" trail from signpost 9.

(1h30 / 7 km)

The Gerbat loop


Follow "Le circuit du Tilleul" to signpost 11.


After signpost 11, take the small track on your left: follow it to the second intersection on the right and continue until you reach the main street.


Turn right and walk to the first left, in the hamlet of Nordal. Turn left on Rue de la Tranquité.


Take the 1st track on the right: continue until you reach the intersection with another track, which you take to the end. Signpost 12 will be on the path.


After sign 12, take the first right: go down the gravel path to the road and continue on the other side of the road. The last sign is on the right-hand side of the road.



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