Contemporary Art Exhibition Espace 36Contemporary Art Exhibition Espace 36
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L'espace 36

Espace 36 is a non-profit art center founded in 1987. A place for the production and dissemination of contemporary art, the association supports artistic creation with a view to revitalizing modern art. The links between artistic production and the public are at the heart of its action. Through exhibitions and educational workshops, the association helps to promote the image of the Audomarois region through the practice of this art form, which is so distinctive and widely recognized.

An associative art center and venue for contemporary art

Designed as a place of experimentation, espace 36 deploys its activities through an annual program of four exhibitions, editions and public outreach. An association under the law of 1901, this initiative was launched by a group of citizens. Composed of members mainly from the Audomarois region, but also from the Hauts-de-France region, for a collective project, that of sharing.

Not having the vocation of building collections, l’espace 36 rather provides concrete support for multidisciplinary creation such as photography, painting or even sculpture. Four exhibitions a year are programmed by the director, including a production residency and creation and dissemination projects based on current artistic and local events. Espace 36 multiplies artistic points of view through the diversity of expressions in all their plastic forms (photo, video, drawing, sculpture, painting, installation…). While l’espace 36 asserts its local roots, the association is also part of a dynamic of regional, national and international openness and development. These projects aim for collaboration across borders between artists and structures, while reaching out to audiences in different countries like contemporary African art but revealing local artists.

Actor of one’s own culture

With artistic practice workshops led by intervening artists, espace 36’s desire is to continue to favor access to culture since the 2000/2001 season by adapting it to as many audiences as possible. Espace 36’s activities must be accessible to as many people as possible, who then develop a questioning attitude, an openness to the world of culture and also a better opinion of themselves by becoming players in their own culture.

Budding sculptors, canvas making, philosophical reflections, contemporary figurative painting, the workshops enable responding to a desire for artistic discovery by producing current art.