Rue De L'échelle Rue Piétonne Pavés Saint OmerRue De L'échelle Rue Piétonne Pavés Saint Omer
©Rue De L'échelle Rue Piétonne Pavés Saint Omer|P.hudelle, Tourisme En Pays De Saint Omer

Take a historical walk

The Pays de Saint-Omer is brimming with marvellous tourist sites, magical places to stroll and unusual activities. So we’ve decided to put together a short guide to the unmissable, the best of the best, for spending a pleasant stay and experiencing a moment out of time.

Taking a historical walk in the heart of the Pays de Saint-Omer is a fascinating experience for those interested in the region’s history. Significant events, portraits of local personalities, places of remembrance and surprising discoveries mark out the route. The walk also reveals little-known aspects of the region, such as the remains of the Second World War and the city’s ancient fortifications. History buffs will be delighted with this immersive experience, which will give them a better understanding of the culture and heritage of the Pays de Saint-Omer.