Wonderful visits to the Ruins of Saint-Bertin AbbeyWonderful visits to the Ruins of Saint-Bertin Abbey
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The Wonderful Season

If I say “vacation,” “getaway this weekend” or “tourism,” you’re bound to imagine sunshine, coconut palms, a plane or an alcoholic cocktail (in moderation, of course). Oh yeah? And when you go skiing, it’s not tourism, it’s not a vacation? Ah ah! So forget your prejudices and get ready to spend dream weekends this winter… in Pas-de-Calais.

Imagine… The sun declining, the moon and stars appearing, other noises, other smells: the perfect time for an unusual stroll to (re)discover Saint-Omer.

These are the wonderful visits

Torchlight walks, visits to places usually closed to the public, shows in unusual places, concerts in the darkness of the marsh, sports outings at dusk, tastings in a craftsman’s workshop, buses that take you to sites kept secret…

This is all winter long in Saint-Omer and the surrounding area,every week at dusk.

The Wonderful Season in Saint-Omer

La Saison Merveilleuse 2022 - 2023 en Pays de Saint-Omer
La Saison Merveilleuse 2022 - 2023 en Pays de Saint-Omer
La Saison Merveilleuse 2022 - 2023 en Pays de Saint-Omer

Who had this crazy idea?

The idea for Wonderful Tours was born in 2017 in the middle of September, just as schoolbags were replacing suitcases, boaters were bringing in their boats for the winter, and restaurateurs were closing their terraces. Hibernating until the return of the good weather? For Julien Duquenne, it was unimaginable. “We must make the territory live all year. The ski resorts have known how to do it for a long time: once the snow melts, they do not close, they welcome other audiences for outdoor activities or relaxing stays.”

No question of erecting a mountain in Saint-Omer, the director of the tourist office decided to rely on the many assets already present on the territory. First and foremost, of course, the marsh. “I myself live in the marsh and I love it as much in winter as in summer. And at nightfall, when the sun goes down, it’s still another atmosphere.” “The idea was to say to ourselves: let’s add some magic salt and surprise people.”

The result: charmed participants and a diverse audience. “Some participants drove an hour each weekend for a wonderful visit. We also found that there was a real demand from locals. It’s the Eiffel Tower syndrome, Parisians never go up there. Before the wonderful tours, no one imagined going for a boat ride in the marsh at night and in the middle of winter. Today, people are asking for more.”



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