Trotti Trail Group Nielles Les BlequinTrotti Trail Group Nielles Les Blequin
©Trotti Trail Group Nielles Les Blequin|Communauté de communes du Pays de Lumbres

The Trotti Trail

An all-terrain scooter for thrills

Easier to ride than a mountain bike, the Trotti Trail or TTT is a trendy activity to discover in the Pays de Lumbres during the summer. This downhill scooter, fun and easy to handle, is suitable for both novices and experienced riders. A leisure activity that can be practiced with others for great moments of laughter!


The Trotti Trail ventures both on a greenway and off the beaten path, on mountain bike trails to offer more sensations to its users, lovers of thrills. If you like sliding, cross-country or freeride, you can, with it, go over the bumps and rough paths to ride down the two proposed courses.

Count 15 kilometers of descent for the first course “The Watterdal ride” with several hundred meters of negative elevation gain, and a duration of about 1:30. The route ensures speed, fun and the pleasure of hiking.

Cross the heights of Vaudringhem, a small charming village, for the second route “The Radar Walk” with views of beautiful and diverse landscapes: forest, grass, dirt, trails through roads and hilly paths. A tour for an experience rich in thrills but above all a real breath of fresh air and two hours of frank laughter!