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Celebrating your child's birthday

in the Saint-Omer region

Organizing your child’s birthday party may seem simple at first glance, but in reality it requires meticulous planning and attention to detail to ensure the party goes off without a hitch. And then there’s the matter of having the space to accommodate all those little ones! Opt for a turnkey solution! Numerous establishments in the Saint-Omer region offer a variety of packages for your child’s birthday party. You’ll be sure to offer your children a variety of fun activities, in complete safety. You’ll be able to enjoy the moment with your children in complete peace of mind, and create some wonderful memories!

In Saint-Omer

La Maison du Marais

General info: Children aged 6 to 10, choice of 3 formulas + birthday snack, max 10 children Duration: 1h30 to 2h30 Rates: fixed price €100 to €175

In Saint-Omer

The Sandelin Museum

General info: Children over 6, activity + snack and gift opening, choice of 3 activities, snack to be provided and supervised by parents at the end of the workshop (in the relaxation area or garden) Duration : visit + workshop: 2h Rates: fixed price €100 (max 15 children)

In Saint-Omer

The Escape Game

General info: Children aged 8 to 12, Escape-Game + snack at the Salon de Thé, accompanied for the snack (8 children max + 1 accompanying adult) Duration: 3pm to 4.30pm, only on Wednesdays outside school vacations, Monday to Friday during school vacations Rates: fixed price 120€.

In Saint-Omer

La Bonne Pioche

General info: Children aged 4 to 12, 12 children max, at home, game-themed scenarios Duration: 2 to 3h of activities Rates: 1h30=90€, 2h=110€.

In Wizernes

La Coupole

General info: Children aged 5 to 12, 12 children maximum, 3 formulas to choose from + a snack Duration: 1h30 to 3h Rates: €100 to 135

In Clairmarais


General information: Up to 10 children, sensory activities + games (Olympics) + snack Time: 1h30 to 2h for activities + time for snack Prices: 135€.



General info: – Unlimited access to attractions – One birthday cake (pound cake type) – One drink (25cl non-carbonated) – One bag of sweets Prices: -15€ per child – Free for the child celebrating his/her birthday (by opting for this offer with a minimum of 6 paying children)

In Arques


General info: 2 options: N°1 : unlimited duration, reserved table, invitation cards, chocolate doughnuts or sugar doughnuts, unlimited drinks for 1h30 N°2 : unlimited duration, reserved table, invitation cards, meal, chocolate doughnuts or sugar doughnuts, sweets, drinks. Duration: unlimited during opening hours. Prices: N°1: €11/child (minimum 8 children) N°2: €14.50/child (minimum 8 children)

In Saint-Martin-lez-Tatinghem

Planet Karting

General info: Children aged 7 to 14, 5 min stopwatch, 12 min race, drinks and sweets + 1 gift (1 free 10 min session for children celebrating their birthday) Duration: 30 min kart ride Price: €25/child

In Dennebrœucq

Dennlys Parc

General info: includes 1 park entrance, 1 snack, 1 meeting with Denno, 1 face painting, 1 surprise gift, 1 souvenir medal and invitation cards. Minimum 4 children in total, children under 12 Duration: during opening hours Price: €24.50/child

In Aire-sur-la-Lys


General info: 1h in the water, group of 6 to 12 children, 1 reserved group changing room, 1 snack, 2 free pool passes for the birthday child Duration : 1h activity + snack

In Saint-Martin-lez-Tatinghem

Bowling Carré St-Martin

General info: 2 formulas:

  • From 6 to 18 years old; 2 bowling games; home-made cake with nominative parchment, candles and smoke; musical entertainment, birthday cards, complimentary skittle.
  • From age 10: 1 game of bowling + 1 game of virtual reality; homemade cake with parchment, candles and smoke; musical entertainment, birthday cards, complimentary skittle.

Duration: 3h Prices: Option 1: €18/child, Option 2: €26/child

In Saint-Omer


General info: 3 formulas: Anniv Kids, Anniv Teen, Anniv Adult Anniv Kids: 8 to 12 years old, from 5 to 8 people, 100% adaptable to age and customizable by theme. Includes 45 min of activity of your choice (boxing quiz, karaoke) + plain or nutella Liège waffles with candle / water + unlimited syrup + gift for the star of the day + bag of goodies and sweets for all (also available 2 acts kids pack at 195€) Anniv Ado : 13 to 18 years, 5 to 8 people, 100% age-appropriate and customizable by theme. Includes 45 min of activity of your choice (boxing quiz, karaoke, outdoor escape-game) + snack or aperitif board depending on the time and soft drinks + gift for the star of the day (also available as a teen pack with 2 activities at 195€). Duration: 45 min minimum Prices: Kids birthday pack: 135€, Teens birthday pack: 135€.

In Arques


General info: children aged 3 and over, 1 hour of sports activities + 1 hour of snack activities (provided by AMGA) Duration: 2 hours Price: 110€ for 10 children + 8€/additional child


in the Saint-Omer area