Escape Game Hotel De La Gare De LumbresEscape Game Hotel De La Gare De Lumbres
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Test the escape-games of Saint-Omer

Rob a hotel safe, foil the spells of the witch Marie Groët, discover the secrets of a naturalist collector and even bring an escape-game to your home! There is only one place where you can try these games and puzzles: in Saint-Omer and in the Audomarois!


Experiences to live

At Saint-Omer, we understood very quickly that to make you want to discover our heritage and our history, we also had to surprise you. We are the first tourist office in France to have created a tourist escape game.

Escape-game? It is indeed to escape as a team from a closed place in a given time by solving puzzles, often tough, without forgetting to have fun! And in the Audomarois, there are so many legends and amazing places that we had a blast inventing mysterious, thrilling and slightly scary worlds for you!

Enigmas between reality and imagination

Here you are in front of 9, rue Henri Dupuis , in the heart of Saint-Omer.The door opens on Vissery, a character recognizable by his top hat with a lock and his bag to go back in time.

This eccentric, original and mysterious inhabitant of Saint-Omer has simply returned from the past. He is part of the Circle of Savanturiers. Now, scholars and Adventurers, aren’t you? With him, you will dive straight into “Les Énigmes de Vissery”, two escape-games inspired by the typical universes of the country of Saint-Omer…

Here, you will have to untangle the true from the false, confront a marsh witch and a ghost and solve their riddles to get out of it.

Bienvenue chez Marie Groët
Bienvenue chez Marie Groët
Bienvenue chez Marie Groët
Escape-Game - Saint Omer - Musée Dupuis...
Escape-Game - Saint Omer - Musée Dupuis...
Escape-Game - Saint Omer - Musée Dupuis...

In a former museum

“The secrets of Henri Dupuis”? It is indeed in the former house of this audomarois collector, Henri Dupuis (1819-1889), that you find yourself. He bequeathed his property to the city to make a museum in the early twentieth century.

Imagine hundreds of stuffed birds, shells and other specimens of curiosity cabinet preserved preciously in this museum, closed since 2004 to the public.The premises have been transformed into escape-games on the first floor, while the collections upstairs are still patiently inventoried and restored by the teams of the museums of Saint-Omer.

Two escape-games thus take you on a discovery of this extraordinary place, but also of the legendary and cultural Audomarois marshland with the riddle “Welcome to Marie Groët’s house”.

Robbery in Lumbroise

A different atmosphere at Lumbres Station Hotel. If you like the atmosphere of Agatha Christie’s novels, you’re in for a treat: old-fashioned decor, velvet curtains, piano and antiques. Not to mention an innkeeper who will unwittingly entrust you with a strange mission: find the treasure hidden in the hotel’s safes.

Once again, here you are immersed in the local history and landscape, a true source of inspiration for the Tourist Office of the Saint-Omer country. The old railway, industrial history: during the game, you will learn plenty about Lumbres and its surroundings.

Adventures in Audomarois

More adventures await you in the Audomarois. At 38CC in Cléty, you’ll have to solve the disturbing disappearance of an archaeological historian. And with Paradox in Blendecques, it’s the game that comes to you, nomadic caravan version. Or the escape-game served on a tray.


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