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Learn to play cricket

The Tourist Office gets wet to help you discover different activities on offer in our area… Silvia, accompanied by several colleagues, put on her sneakers to discover an original sport: cricket.


A new activity

“I like ball games, so I’m curious to discover this activity.

I think it requires concentration and a lot of skill.

The bat is much heavier than I thought! It weighs several kilos and all the weight is on the front, so it’s not easy to find the balance.

a great

Learning work

You first have to learn how to hold the bat – it’s not a natural gesture. Then, position yourself well, find the right movement to successfully hit the ball… and always look at the pitcher.

At first, you’re content to touch the ball and, if possible, send it back across the face. But quickly, you can venture to hit harder and change direction to make the other players run.


A beautiful discovery

This is a great discovery. It’s fun, especially in a group, it makes you want to come back!

And I’ll have to give up my place to AnneSandra and Aurélien, who can’t wait to try out this sport in their turn.”