The imaginary in the country of Saint-OmerThe imaginary in the country of Saint-Omer
©The imaginary in the country of Saint-Omer|© Studio2Bis

Imagination for a better understanding

And if the tourist became a traveler… It’s a whole storytelling adventure that the Pays de Saint-Omer offers through experiences that allow you to fully immerse yourself in the territory as close as possible to its inhabitants, its history and its customs.

Traveler rather than spectator

The Pays de Saint-Omer is full of heritages of all kinds: monuments of all eras, natural heritage or even traditions and know-how, these different entities are the setting for an inspiration for the development of the imagination. We therefore propose to tell you a story that mixes reality and fiction, a wonderful story made of historical characters and fantastic beings. Through these chapters, you will embark on an extraordinary adventure. Moreover, this amusement park is composed of 7 worlds with a different atmosphere each time: Omer and its historical monuments, Groët and its water labyrinth, Bader and its excessive industries, Lyderic and its gastronomy, Monsigny and its unsuspected past, and finally Sigéric, the land of sports.

Happy who, like Odysseus, has made a beautiful journey.

Joachim Du Bellay, The Regrets

“But then this was all true!”

Everything is propensity to dream in this territory. Even so, the roots are firmly planted in the real. While playing a escape game, isn’t it surprising to learn that the witch who locked us up for 1 hour is actually a real legend dating back several centuries well known to the locals still maintaining its legacy? This example is far from being the only one.

With all these bridges between culture, play, history, nature that are entangled with this imaginary, it is a whole territory that is lived and flourishes.



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