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The Country of Saint-Omer "Simply wonderful".

Welcome to the biggest amusement park in the world, a park that is like you because it is simply real and you are already a part of it.


Push the imposing door of the greatest amusement park of all time.

A park that has just been inaugurated and yet has been built over 13 centuries, through conquests, stories and legends. A park where the forests are natural, where the water dazzles, feeds Man and where the paths are all adventures. A park where the parades are traditional, where the characters are authentic and so endearing.

Our park is organized into worlds. Each world has its theme, each world has its activities, its restoration, its accommodation.
Here, the world of heritage is full of secrets, the world of industry is a capital city in itself, the world of the marsh plunges you out of time, the world of Memory is surprising…
You move around on foot on the hiking trails, by bike on the cycle tourism routes, by boat in a labyrinth that you have to tame, by period train behind a real steam locomotive, by canoe along the Lys, by 2CV or on a Rando-rail.

Simply true ...

The worlds are so vast to explore that you will have to spend several days there, choose a hotel, a guest room, a cottage, a camping site… There will always be a place for you, especially since after watching the sunset in our marsh, the park comes alive in the evening with theater, jazz or documentary festivals, grand shows, processions and traditional celebrations. No two evenings are alike because each moment is unique.

When waking up, sports enthusiasts will always find a running or trail course, a golf club or a horse, a magnificent swimming pool or a bike tour. The others will be able to enjoy the time, the quietness, even try a yoga session after a hearty breakfast before starting a new day.
The park is so well located that it will allow you to enjoy a day at the beach from Ostend to Wimereux, to discover the site of the Deux Caps, Bruges, Lille, Arras, the Louvre-Lens, Nausicaa and many other escapades that are less than 1 hour 15 minutes away from Saint-Omer.



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