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Vissery, time traveler

invites you to its escape-game

There are stories that enter the fantastic in the Saint-Omer region. Charles-Dominique De Vissery de Boisvallé, a scientific inventor and lawyer from Saint-Omer in the 18th century, comes into conflict with his neighbors over a lightning rod that is considered dangerous. He does not imagine living an extraordinary adventure that will send him into the future…

A lawyer from Saint-Omer

defended by Robespierre

We are in May 1780, M. De Vissery de Boisvallé was a lawyer from Saint-Omer but also a physicist, painter and botanist. This avant-garde scientist was the author of various mostly unknown inventions, one of which consisted of the corruption-free preservation of fresh water for more than a year. This lover of new scientific experiments was seduced by Benjamin Franklin’s invention of the lightning rod. It was therefore natural that he established an electrical conductor on the chimney of his house, one of the first in France, which was precisely a golden sword blade, screwed onto an iron bar, 16 feet long at the time (about 5 meters).

A neighbor went to complain to the town bailiff about this installation considered an invention of the devil and before De Vissery could defend himself, the aldermen ordered the removal of this dangerous object within 24 hours. Nevertheless, De Vissery was resourceful and brought the case before the Council of Artois. He was then represented by a young lawyer from Arras: Maximilien de Robespierre. The debates open in May 1783.

With a very well-referenced file from the Academy of Sciences, testimonies from Beaumarchais and Benjamin Franklin, the lawyer from Arras wins the trial, which will participate in his burgeoning fame. De Vissery reinstalls his lightning rod under the nose of the aldermen and his neighbor.

Back to the Future

De Vissery gained confidence and arrogantly set about designing a time machine. Yet it is not in the past that we find this strange energetic. It appeared that he made a mistake in his calculations and found himself in the future in 2019. He quickly realized that his mistake was not a mistake. Seeing all his scientific progress, his technological advances, de Vissery ventured to our lands and learned from its inhabitants. It was during his wanderings that he heard the disturbing rumors at the Henri-Dupuis Museum, closed to the public since 2004. This mischievous and inquisitive spirit was quick to go there and settle down. Being a member of the “Cercle des Savanturiers”, a secret society of initiates and investigators for several centuries already, he consulted the Tourist Office to recruit new members.

Escape-Game - Saint Omer - Musée Dupuis...
Escape-Game - Saint Omer - Musée Dupuis...
Escape-Game - Saint Omer - Musée Dupuis...
Teaser Escape Game Marie Gröet © Tourisme en Pays de Saint Omer
Teaser Escape Game Marie Gröet © Tourisme en Pays de Saint Omer
Teaser Escape Game Marie Gröet © Tourisme en Pays de Saint Omer

Two extraordinary investigations

On the advice of the latter, De Vissery created two escape games allowing you to solve these two investigations by attracting as many people as possible.

The first game allows you to learn about the existence of a treasure that the naturalist Henri Dupuis is said to have discovered some time before his death. This closely guarded secret for over 100 years will see you walking the corridors of the Dupuis Museum. Some would have even seen the ghost of Henri Dupuis wandering in the museum…

Second game, a wing of the museum would be the lair of the witch Marie-Groët, the witch of the marsh. She who catches unwary children getting too close to the water. Following a new child disappearance, you will have to solve this mystery…



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