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La Boutique de Lumbres

Create, innovate, share

One of a kind, la Boutique brings together art lovers, Sunday tinkerers and the curious from all walks of life. A friendly and original place that you shouldn’t hesitate to push open the door.

La Boutique

It doesn't go unnoticed

From the Place Jean Jaurès, it’s easy to spot. With its large multicolored fresco above the shop window, the Boutique doesn’t go unnoticed. Inside, curiosity rises yet another notch.

You don’t know where to turn, your eye is drawn to the paintings and decorative objects, but also to the machines, books, jewelry. Near the entrance, the space is reserved for artists’ depots: paintings, sculptures, objets d’art…

The ideal place

For an original gift or to decorate your home

Further on, tables and armchairs materialize the workshop area. Computer graphics, street art, ceramics or laser cutting: initiations and training courses are offered throughout the year, free of charge.The back of the premises is devoted to exhibitions, with works that develop creativity and open-mindedness.

“When we opened in 2018, we were already organizing the singular art festival,” explains Manu, artist and manager of the Boutique. “The public was made aware of different artistic styles thanks to this festival, but only once a year. The idea with the Boutique is to intervene on a perennial basis, to give a place of expression to artists and to mix audiences.

La Boutique de Lumbres

A place for social life

Today, we no longer have a highlight, but events all year round. And over time, it has become a place for social life.”

A genuine meeting place for artists, craftspeople, tourists and locals, where everyone can be asked to don someone else’s costume: regulars at the workshops, for example, turned into actors to put on the street show performed in front of the Boutique on Halloween.

Did you know?

The Boutique has been chosen to host a branch of La Station in Lumbres, the innovation space linked to Saint-Omer station. In 2020, workshops will be organized at the Boutique with a Station facilitator, and equipment will be available on loan.

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