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A day in the Pays de Saint-Omer

Between girlfriends

If you’re looking for an idea for a day of fun and relaxation with your girlfriends, why not head off to discover the Pays de Saint-Omer! Between shopping in the lively streets, a gourmet break in a local brasserie, a sports session to let off steam, a moment of relaxation in a cosy tearoom and a movie night for entertainment, you’ll have plenty to occupy your whole day. Don’t hesitate to share this experience with your best friends for moments of complicity and laughter.

Une journée entre copines
1 day

In life, I want to share the good times

How to have a successful day out with your girlfriends in the Pays de Saint-Omer: here are a few pointers!

Don't forget ...

Your silicone pads

To last all day on your stilettos and make all your friends blush with jealousy.

All your girlfriends

The more the merrier!

All the gossip you've learned recently

A day out with your girlfriends is all about gossip!



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