Najeti Golf - Saint-Omer Open 2007Najeti Golf - Saint-Omer Open 2007
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Major sporting events

Land of nature and water, the Pays de Saint-Omer is the perfect playground for sporting events, with major competitions such as the 2017 French all-round cycling championships, the 2022 kayak-polo world championships, the 2023 half-marathon championships and even the Tour de France. Come and unwind by practicing or witness epic moments of competition and vibrate to the rhythm of the seasons.

Rob Vrombie

The Motorcycle Festival

Early April, Mametz

Get ready for a real Mametz-style show! The Moto Club “Les Copains d’Abord” in Mametz organizes this motorcycle gathering with acrobatic animations between looping and 360°. Scheduled for early April, let yourself be carried away by the fury of the machines and the sound of the engines backfiring.

Who wants to travel far spares his mount

The Saint-Georges Rally

Late August, Moulle

Take your horse or your carriage for a lovely equestrian ride. During the month of August, Les Cavaliers de la Saint-Georges organizes this rally departing from La Sablière for a long trail of between 25 and 30km. It’s even possible to accompany the event on a mountain bike or even on foot, with a 12km route. It’s also an opportunity to discover some magnificent countryside, with the added bonus of breakfast and a drink at the halfway point. Finally, after all that effort, a barbecue is usually on offer for a convivial meal.

Seeing it all

The Hungry Color

Early May, Saint-Omer

The Hungry Color is a festival of color and a 5km family fun run with family and friends. Organized by the Saint-Omer Red Cross, this rather special race is above all a solidarity event, since all entries are donated to the Red Cross for humanitarian purposes. The idea is to walk or run, and to adorn yourself with a new powder with every kilometer you cover: an echo of Holi, the Hindu religious festival that marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

We came to suffer, OK!

Raid VTT des Gueules Noires

Early May, Enquin-lez-Guinegatte

Well, family races are all well and good, but you’ve got to get your legs warmed up, as we say around here. That’s why we’ve got a challenge for you. The Raid VTT des gueules is all about sport: short course at 90 km with 1,700 metres of ascent, long course of 120 km with around 2,000 metres of positive ascent. With the setting set, you’ll no longer be able to say that it’s flat out here. Organized by the Les Gueules Noires association, this mountain bike trail takes place in May, with a nocturne called L’Enquinoise in April a few weeks earlier.

We can also mention other mountain bike trails, such as the Ch’Tyrannos Tour in Wizernes.

The Ch’Tyrannos Tour in Wizernes is an excellent example of this.

Running for yourself and for others


All year round, Seninghem and Pays de Saint-Omer

There is a plethora of trails and Nordic walking events in the area. There are some superb initiatives in the Pays de Saint-Omer, such as the legendary Saint-Omer Cassel, the pretty Trail des Faucons in Fauquembergues and the Sarrazine in Tournehem-sur-la-Hem. Specifically in the Pays de Lumbres, on the Sigéric trails, this succession of hills and valleys has led to the creation of a hiking trail base and a mountain bike base. The one that really catches our attention is the Trail Evasion, held every year in March, which allows participants to surpass themselves for a good cause. No prizes, no medals, just profits donated to a humanitarian association for disabled children. The event attracts more and more walkers and runners every year. Come and run for a good cause!

Trail Evasion teaser
Trail Evasion teaser
Le Trail Evasion de Seninghem - édition 2022
Running and walking in the marsh

La rando du Chou-fleur and la Course du Marais


The two events are so closely thematically linked that they couldn’t be separated. Formerly La Fête du Légume and La Fête du Chou-fleur, respectively La Course du marais and La Randonnée du Chou-fleur sublimate the Audomarois marshland through two sporting events.

La Course du marais lets you see the landscapes of France’s last market-gardening marshland during the 10-kilometer course. Relatively flat, it’s a particularly fast event, so go for it!”

La Randonnée du Chou-fleur celebrates the famous summer cauliflower of the Confrérie du chou-fleur, which has earned Saint-Omer the title of Cauliflower Capital, with several million heads produced each year.

Run and Wonder

Pas-de-Calais Urban Trail


Just before Christmas, the elves of the Pas-de-Calais département are preparing a magical urban trail in Saint Omer. While presents are being prepared in Santa’s land, this non-timed run takes in some of the town’s buildings and monuments, with entertainment along the 10km route. The Urban Trail is one of the most popular sporting events of the year, with more than 5,000 participants.

National and international badminton competitions

Top 12 Le Volant Airois


Le Volant Airois begins to enter the top level. As part of its drive to host national competitions, the Complexe Sportif Régional is the temple of badminton in Aire-sur-la-Lys. Home base for the London 2012 Olympics and labeled Terre de Jeux 2024 to be a Preparation Center for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the venue hosted the European Mixed Team Championship, a 1st in France! What’s more, its club Le Volant Airois has now moved up to the Top 12, the top league in the French badminton championship, no less. To be able to watch competitions at the highest national, European and even world level for the youngest players, remains an incredible dynamic.

Champions League in Saint-Omer

SCRA, rink-hockey


When we think of field hockey, we immediately imagine ice hockey with the San Jose Sharks vs. the Anaheim Ducks of the American NHL. Except here, we’re talking about rink-hockey, a very sporty and impressive roller field hockey event. The Skating Roller Club Audomarois, SCRA in acrostic, is the club from Saint-Omer, created in 1934, which has been present in the Nationale 1, the premier league of the French championship, for over 30 years consecutively, several times French champions and winners of the French Cup. You have to experience a match in the cauldron that is their stadium, with crazy atmospheres during high-stakes matches such as the Champions League, and rub shoulders with FC Barcelona or Sporting Portugal.

SCRA presentation
SCRA presentation
SCRA Saint-Omer
Welcome to the Club!

Open Golf Saint-Omer Najeti


I’m sure you’ve understood by now that we shouldn’t underestimate the region’s sporting credentials. After having climbed the summits, seen national matches, discovered unusual sports, you saw the image of golf and thought: Mouais, bof…. Well, the Aa Saint-Omer Golf Club hosts two major events every year: the Open de France Paragolf and the Open Challenge Tour. International level events in May and September, attracting over 8,000 visitors to a sport that’s enjoying a media explosion in France.

With the good fortune of having this circuit in the Pays de Lumbres, it’s even possible to offer introductory courses accessible to all. So work on your put and, who knows, you’ll win yourself the 80,000€ prize money in the grand circuit.



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