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Hiking in the Saint-Omer area

Walking tour LansbergheWalking tour Lansberghe
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Hike ideas

What if we rediscovered a gigantic amusement park as simply as possible?

Tourism in the Pays de Saint-Omer has reissued for you more than 30 hiking and mountain biking trails in digital format or in paper version at the reception desks of the Pays de Saint-Omer Tourist Office, Aire-sur-la-Lys and the Maison du Marais.

In the heart of the Hauts-de-France, the Pays de Saint-Omer and Lumbres reveals itself as a destination for magnificent walks in rural settings.

Hiking maps of the Saint-Omer area (2)The hiking maps are published by Tourisme En Pays de Saint-Omer and include all the marked trails of our territory (Pedestrian, Mountain bike, Equestrian)
©Hiking maps of the Saint-Omer area|Tourisme en Pays de Saint-Omer

Marshes, Forests and Heritage

Diversity on every hike

Admire the Audomarois marshes during beautiful walks, walk on the heights of the Chapelle Saint-Louis, explore the paper valley, discover typical picturesque villages or escape into the forest: the variety of landscapes and hikes in Saint-Omer is due to all these sumptuous sceneries mixing nature, heritage and waterways.


Don't forget your binoculars

With some hikes in the middle of the forest or in the heart of nature reserves, be on the lookout to observe the many animal species present in the Pays de Saint-Omer, some of which are quite rare. If you are lucky, you will be able to observe the fast kingfisher of a bright blue and orange, the discreet bittern with its shrill cry or the majestic marsh harrier in the Audomarois marshes.

On the Forest side, roe deer, wild boars are relatively frequent on the edge of paths but look up to observe also red squirrels and jays in a mysterious atmosphere.

As for the flora, take the Longatte trail to discover the Plateau des Landes Nature Reserve, a real land of heather with a mountain atmosphere and a real botanical Noah’s Ark with more than 400 plant species, that is to say a quarter of the regional inventory!



Religious, industrial or monumental

These trails marked out by the Communauté d’Agglomération du Pays de Saint-Omer (CAPSO) are classified in levels of difficulty: Hikes of less than 9 km, Hikes of 9 km and more and Mountain bike hikes. In addition to the diversity of its landscapes, you will see heritage of all types with the charming small village churches or the hydraulic and agricultural works. Moreover, the historical anecdotes are surprising on certain routes like the mysterious chapel of Guémy or the miraculous Saint-Michel fountain in Roquetoire.


A second wind

Hiking is above all the best way to combine sport, pleasure and discovery of landscapes. Exert yourself for beautiful rewards such as the panorama from the Chapelle de Guémy, moments of sharing in a hiking estaminet or the observation of animals. All these experiences allow you to get away from everyday life.