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The new Marie Groët has arrived

Our brochures in the public garden of Saint-OmerOur brochures in the public garden of Saint-Omer
©Our brochures in the public garden of Saint-Omer|Tourisme en Pays de Saint-Omer
The magazine that tells the story of the Saint-Omer region

The best ideas for outings and activities are in this fifth issue of Marie Groët, the tourist magazine for the Pays de Saint-Omer. With its practical format and a directory listing everything the region has to offer, you won’t want to miss this magazine and its great tips.

Published on 12 April 2023
Marie Groet Tourism in the Saint-Omer Region 5Marie Groët, the new magazine of Tourism in the Saint-Omer area is out with its 5th edition.
©Marie Groët, magazine of Tourism in the Saint-Omer region|Tourisme en Pays de Saint-Omer

Encounters, reports and testimonials ...

How else to present the Pays de Saint-Omer than through its amazing stories: the stories of the men and women who built it, the stories of the tourist sites that offer incredible experiences, and the stories of the legends that have been passed down, blending the imaginary with the real.

That’s what this fifth issue of the magazine is all about. Marie Groët, Pays de Saint-Omer’s tourism magazine, is available free of charge from the Pays de Saint-Omer Tourist Office and the Pôle d’Information Touristique in Aire-sur-la-Lys, or by download here.


Experiences up close

With the On a testé pour vous section, our teams immerse themselves as closely as possible by experiencing the unusual activities to be done in this territory. In this edition, we’ll be taking you out on the water in a kayak for a trip through the Audomarois marshes and an incredible sense of freedom close to nature.


Incredible stories

In Focus on…, the Pays de Saint-Omer Tourist Office takes a look at an original site, monument or location, allowing for some surprising and fascinating stories. Above all, it’s an opportunity to meet the people who make this area so unique. Here, we meet Angélique Boulet, and her barge L’Amiral, the emblematic boat of the town of Saint-Omer, which, after its many lives, is to become a superb, spacious gîte and event venue.


Le Petit Guide des Immanquables

For those who don’t want to get bogged down, it can be hard to choose from all the wonders of the Pays de Saint-Omer. In Les Incontournables, you have the perfect thematic summary to let you guide and follow our itineraries with ease.

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