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Ballotines of perch with cauliflower and vegetables

Saint-Omer, a land of wonder for the taste buds! Here’s a recipe from Gauthier Minque, of the “Harde de saveurs” restaurant in Saint-Omer: Ballotines of perch and its declination of cauliflower and baby vegetables.

Harde de saveurs

Gauthier Minque opened his semi-gastronomic restaurant, “Harde de saveurs”, at the end of 2018 in Saint-Omer. For this former trader who always dreamed of making cooking his career, “the important thing is to innovate”. He changes his menu every 10 days on average. “After that, I get bored; I can’t work with the same products for 2 weeks.”

However, there’s one rule this hunter never breaks: serve local produce. “My vegetables like carrots and cauliflower come from Tilques, they’re really local products. My meats are always French, and I prefer northern breeds. There’s enough good meat in the Pas de Calais not to have to go to the other end of France to find it”.

And for fish, it’s the same. The fishing season has just opened, so Gauthier can have fun with fish from local rivers or the marsh. Precisely, he offers us a recipe based on perch…


for 4 pers.

White cauliflower

Romanesco cabbage

1 vanilla bean






Snow peas




Perch (160g/person)


Step 1:

Cauliflower CREAM

  • Trim the cauliflower, keeping only the small florets, above all remove the branches well so that it is not bitter
  • Cook the cauliflower sprouts in milk
  • Let cool then add the cream
  • Add the vanilla pod opened in 2 while cooking
  • Mix the whole in a blender
  • Pass through a sieve or chinois to remove the fibres

Step 2:


  • Cook greens the English way, i.e. in butter
  • Stop cooking with a tub of water filled with ice cubes to bring up the chlorophyll and preserve the green color of the vegetables
  • Slice the beet with a mandolin
  • Mix it with a vinegar syrup with spirit vinegar, balsamic vinegar and sugar
  • Cook the carrots once in water, then pan-fry in butter and deglaze with water or stock
  • Cook a cabbage sous-vide and grate it over the cauliflower cream once the plate is set


Step 3:


  • Roll the perch fillets into ballottines in transparent cling film
  • Bake at 53-55 degrees, at least one hour
  • Make a foamy butter by pan-frying a large slice of butter over spices to taste (preferably cumin or curry)
  • When the butter starts to change color, spoon some over the fish
  • Cover the ballottines with garlic shoots to bring up the flavor of the perch
  • Set out and enjoy!