Plat Auberge de l'Arc en ciel restaurant Fauquembergues (15)After a World Tour in the kitchens of all continents, Véronique Ranson, Master Restaurateur - Tourism Quality, took over the Auberge de l'Arc en ciel in 2015.
©Rainbow trout in the restaurant at the Auberge de l'Arc en ciel in Fauquembergues|Tourisme en Pays de Saint-Omer

Rainbow trout

Véronique Ranson (of the restaurant “L’Auberge de l’Arc-en-ciel” in Fauquembergues) has always loved playing with pots and spatulas. First in the region, in high school, then all over the world, in all kinds of restaurants. She came back with lots of different spices and culinary techniques, and above all the desire to share them. “I wanted to put down my suitcases to let people taste all these flavors and travel through my cooking”.

L’Auberge Arc-en-ciel

Véronique Ranson opened her restaurant, l’Auberge Arc-en-ciel and guest rooms in Fauquembergues in 2015, “to create a meeting place in a rural setting”. Her guests dream of faraway destinations in rooms decked out in the colors of 5 continents.

Restaurant guests escape thanks to concerts and themed evenings featuring traditions from different countries. Master restaurateur, mentioned by the prestigious Gault et Millau or the Petit Futé, Véronique Ranson has kept it simple while adding her own little touch of madness. Her specialty, “Arc-en-ciel” trout, is a delicious illustration of this.


for 6-8 pers.
The trout

1 beautiful trout

Olive oil




The sauce

1 shallot

Smoked fish

Glass of white wine

Island vanilla

Coconut milk



Seasonal vegetables (zucchini, carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, leeks, etc.)

A little melted butter


Nasturtium flowers


Step 1:


  • Fillet trout
  • Season with oil, salt and pepper.
  • Flash in oven (10 minutes at 70°).

Step 2:


  • Sweat the chopped shallots and aromatics with the smoked fish and white wine.
  • Let reduce, then add the vanilla, coconut milk, spices and finally the butter.

    Step 3:


    • Blanch and then cook the vegetables.
    • Pour a little melted butter over the vegetables.

    Step 4:


    • Dress, garnish plates with salad leaves and Nasturtium flowers and enjoy!”