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Rendez-Vous Gourmands

The Pays de Saint-Omer is also a land of know-how, with events to help us discover the unique flavors of local products that you’ll only find here. Don’t read these few lines over lunch, you might start salivating.

Eating in idyllic surroundings

Aperitif strolls

All summer long, Maison du Marais

Taste the different flavors of local produce on this aperitif boat trip, a perfect way to relax and discover. With Les Bols du Marais, the restaurant of La Maison du Marais, the focus is on marsh vegetables. Delicious cauliflower and carrots from Tilques are served here, all carefully prepared with good local beer in a dream setting: ideal for families and friends.

Tastes of yesteryear

Medieval Festival

1st weekend of July, Saint-Omer

The Fête Médiévale in Saint-Omer offers a host of events and a place to immerse yourself in a world of heroic fantasy and meet orcs, elves, Vikings, druids and magicians. Held on the first Sunday in July, it’s also an opportunity to sample the flavours of yesteryear, with a medieval market and craftsmen working on all sorts of local products: marsh potion, ancient jam, Viking beer. And don’t miss the famous spit-roasted pig or old-fashioned sausages – a real treat!

After the effort, the comfort

Farm hikes

Summer and autumn, La Ferme du Mont Vert d'Alquines

Sometimes it takes more than willpower to (re)start exercising. To motivate you, the Rando à la Ferme is ideal. A walk to practice sport and have a clear conscience, and a delicious terrine for the effort at the end of the race. What’s more, the event is educational, since the terrine comes from Ferme du Mont Vert in Alquines. You’ll meet Jean-François Croquelois, the owner and true nature enthusiast, who invites you to come and discover his deer farm on the heights of this charming village.

Obelix's grilled pig

La Fête Gauloise

Every July 14th, Moulle

The year is 2000 AD. All of Gaul is occupied by the Romans… All of it? No! One village, populated by the indomitable Moullois, still holds out against the odds. And life is very easy for the garrisons of visitors from the camps of Saint-Omerdurhum, Arcozarum or Thérouomnium to come and eat good grilled pork every July 14th.

Eating with friends along the river Aa

Les Guinguettes de l'Aa

Summer, Saint-Omer

Les Guinguettes de l’Aa is a recent addition to the Auvergne area, but has been immediately embraced by local residents. Since the summer of 2022, a music stage has welcomed local bands playing jazz, musette, rock, pop or bossanova – every style has its place. Along the water’s edge, it’s also possible to relax in deckchairs and enjoy a bite to eat with friends: local catering is available and changes according to the mood: French fry shops, barbecues, galettes saucisses, in short, everything you need to have a good time with family and friends.

Sport and Soup

The Cauliflower Walk

Spring, Saint-Omer

The Confrérie du Chou-fleur de Saint-Omer celebrates the harvest of the famous audomarois vegetable and is offering this friendly morning hike at the end of the lovely month of May!
With 2 routes to choose from: 6 or 12 km, you’ll be well worth your delicious cauliflower soup, and knowing you, you’d even be able to go back for another round and you’d be right…if it were possible. You’ll have to wait until next year.

Marsh Products

Market on and by the water

Summer, Ômarais by Isnor

At Clairmarais, in the heart of the Audomarois marshlands, market gardeners and producers from the region present their best products at a market on the water organized by Ô Marais by Isnor.

Several events not to be missed all summer long, to discover the best of what the Pays de Saint-Omer and the Audomarois marshlands have to offer. Discover a “village” where local market gardeners, producers, craftsmen and designers will be grouped together to offer you: marsh vegetables and fruit, cheeses, fruit juices, jams, foie gras, terrines, honeys, beers, breads, pies, flowers, ham, textile creations and much more. All products are offered aboard bacôves, the traditional boats of the Audomarois marshlands. The market on the water is the ideal place to discover them and a good address to consume 100% local in an idyllic setting!

A history of tradition

Beer Festival

1st weekend in September, Saint-Omer

Ah, beer and the North, it’s a love story that’s been going on for a long time!

At Saint-Omer, Saint-Omer beer is renowned and sold all over the world. This was all it took to create an annual beer event: the Fête de la Bière takes place on the first weekend in September, where you can sample a number of local beers in moderation, of course. Right in the heart of the city, it’s also an opportunity to discover a whole heritage through convivial events.


Procession and andouille sausage throwing

Andouille Festival

1st weekend of September, Aire-sur-la-Lys

One of the best attended events. It has to be said that the delicious smoked andouille from La Belle du Pas-de-Calais is renowned in the surrounding area. Along with mastelle, a traditional orange blossom cookie, andouille is emblematic of the town of Airo. Created in 1962, the Fête de l’Andouille was inaugurated on the first weekend of September, and continued in subsequent years. In addition to the procession of giants such as Lydéric, Chrymilde and Phinaert, the event features a gigantic concert with legendary singers such as Johnny Hallyday, Sylvie Vartan, Claude François, Julien Clerc, Carlos and Dave.

However, the highlight of the event remains the andouille throw, where the mayor throws the succulent charcuterie (in a bag) through the Bailliage’s bretèche, along with the keys to the town.


Treat yourself at attractive prices

Le Printemps des Chefs and La Semaine des Chefs

April and October, Pays de Saint-Omer

For us, Printemps des chefs and Semaine des chefs are the perfect way to discover the products and skills of our talented restaurateurs. Formerly known as “la semaine du goût”, “la Semaine des chefs” enables restaurateurs in the Loisirs Gourmets collective to offer affordable menus in autumn to showcase their work. A compromise between the attractive prices of a Parisian bouillon and the quality of cuisine and products from the Saint-Omer region, the Semaine des Chefs and its little sister, Le Printemps des Chefs, in March-April, are not to be missed.